Knuffle Bunny Free by Mo Willems

downloadmo willems’s (2010) knuffle bunny free, the final book in the knuffle bunny series, presents a wonderful example of a mixed-media children’s story. a wonderful oral and visual read-aloud text, knuffle bunny free will entertain adults and children alike with its cartoon images atop photographs. as a writer, i am interested in how willems matches words with images.  in what ways do the words contribute to the story? are more readers able to connect with the piece because of the combination of words and pictures?

different font colors and sizes also contribute to the text.  budding writers might discuss williems’s font choices. why do writers change fonts? what impact does this have on the reader?

i think one of the defining features of mo willems’s children’s books is that he has an uncanny ability to make his books “pop” out at you – and not just metaphorically. in this book, there are two pages that quite literally fold out of the book!  you do not just passively read willems’s books; you experience them. and is not that a lesson for all of us writers out there?


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