blown away by rob biddulph

i want to start the weekend with a review of rob biddulph’s (2014) debut children’s book blown away.  first of all, i just absolutely love the idea of a debut book!  so exciting! what i love about biddulph’s writing is his ability to poetically (there’s a lot of rhyme time in the book!) and humorously address innovation and the idea of staying put in a place where you can be most successful!


witty is a word that comes to mind when i read blown away. biddulph cleverly chooses to have a sea lion named wilbur join the group of flying animals – which was hilarious, especially to someone who at one time in her life lived right across from the Wright Brothers Memorial!

there are also several other funny parts to the book, like when the out-of-place penguins come across green land for the first time!  because, of course, penguins feel so much better not on solid ground but on “solid ice,” writes biddulph.

a wonderful read-aloud text, blown away is catchy and humorous. the rhyming lines help the story move along in a way that mimics the penguins’ crazy adventure and return home.  writers might use biddulph’s book as a mentor text for how to increase the pace of a children’s book with humor and wordplay.

the narrator of blown away seems to jump out of the story at times – just to remind you of his/her presence. how children’s authors treat the narrator would be a worthy topic to discuss at the reading circle or during a writing workshop.

my overall concluding thoughts on this book?  rob biddulph writes it best. blown away.

i would love to hear what you or your kids/students think of blown away!  please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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