float by daniel miyares

floatfloat by daniel miyares (2015) is one of the best children’s books i have read in a long time!   in this wordless picture book, author-illustrator miyares takes readers along as the main character experiences life’s challenges and the hopefulness of bouncing back in fine creative fashion! there is no doubt this book will make a wonderful addition your home or classroom bookshelf!

because of the absence of words, readers and writers are tasked with thinking about what a story is.  how is composition different without words?  is float stronger without words? i believe it is.

readers and writers often struggle with the idea of tone and mood.  what miyares does so well is provide a model for how to create tone and mood without words.  and one of the ways he is able to do this is through color.  i especially love how the yellow raincoat contrasts against the predominately grey background.

the symbolism in float is also strong. how miyares plays around with colors and scenes to portray his overarching theme about the power of creativity is worth discussing.

but, ultimately, the strongest aspect of float is its ability to spark discussions of what really defines a writer. as miyares’s float demonstrates, perhaps being a writer is more about composing a wonderful story than writing one.

as a writer and artist, i could not be more excited about this beautiful book!  

(and the grate and hair dryer pages are my favorite!  you’ll see!)

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