the pirate’s bed by nicola winstanley

The-Pirates-Bed-480x491my review of nicola winstanley‘s (2015) the pirate’s bed (tundra books) is dedicated to one of my closest friends, who just happens to be a pirate lover.

in this imaginative tale illustrated by matt james, readers are taken on the journey of not the pirate but rather his bed. a heartwarming children’s book, the pirate’s bed will appeal to adults and children alike.  my absolute favorite line from the book is “being a pirate was tiring work.”

this was a story that i grew to appreciate more as i thought more about it.  the pirate’s bed has wide audience appeal, something the most charming children’s books have and the mark of good writing. children may understand the text to be one about a pirate’s bed that becomes separated from its pirate (who has started to snore) only to wash eventually ashore and embark on a new adventure. but for adults, the text may be less about the pirate’s bed itself and more about a sense of nostalgia for their childhood dreams. i mean, who didn’t want a pirate bed at one point?

share what you think of the pirate’s bed below!

Rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thing


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