little bird’s bad word by jacob grant

jacob grant‘s (2015) little bird’s bad word (feiwel & friends) is a book about the power of words.  the little bird featured in the story learns that some words just shouldn’t be spoken.


one of the strengths of this book is grant’s ability to convey such a powerful lesson about inappropriate words in few words. i enjoyed grant’s brevity.

i also liked grant’s approach to teaching the text’s central lesson. whereas some children’s books can be so over-the-top with their messages, grant’s books is not like this. he humanizes the act of using a bad word, showcasing that even those who know a word or action is not appropriate will sometimes mess up. and i think this is an important lesson for kids. i also enjoyed the fact that the little bird himself reflects on the power of words.

overall, i liked the story and the way grant tells the message. the piece was a bit simplistic and basic, and i thought there could have been more done with the text.  that said, i think parents and teachers might enjoy reading this book aloud to children and discussing its central lesson.

let me know if you share little bird’s bad word with your students or children in the comments below!

rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thing


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