imaginary fred by eoin colfer and oliver jeffers

24500174my monday morning review (up a bit early i know) is of eoin colfer and oliver jeffers‘s (2015) imaginary fred (harper).

imaginary fred is a book about the power of friends – imaginary or not. told from the perspective of fred, an imaginary friend who often gets tossed aside once his friends find a human friend, imaginary fred helps readers understand the pain imaginary friends feel when they are tossed aside, a feeling most readers will have experienced. soon fred meets sam, and they form a wonderful friendship.

but even the great sam is not immune from finding human friends and soon fred is nervous his friendship with sam will fade like all of his previous friendships. but there is a twist when sam’s friend sammi introduces fred to her imaginary friend frieda.  the four friends enjoy much time together but soon sam and sammi’s interests take them in their own direction, leaving fred and frieda to understand the power of true, real unimagined friendship.

a great read-aloud to students and children, imaginary fred is one of my new favorites!

rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing




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