last stop on market street by matt de la pena

“he wondered how his nana always found beautiful where he never even thought to look.”

the extra hour today gave me the chance to write a special sunday review.

today i am reviewing last stop on market street (g.p. putnam’s sons) written by matt de la pena and illustrated by christian robinson.

i started smiling when c.j. begins his series of questions for his grandmother, who calmly answers them and tries to teach c.j. a few things along the way.

a unique setting, a bus becomes the space in which c.j. learns to appreciate what he has never taken the time to appreciate before.  and as he walks past the urban buildings en route to the soup kitchen where his grandmother and he are volunteering, c.j. finally learns the power of recognizing the beauty of the human spirit and the world around him.

this is a book i will share with my children’s literature students on tuesday. i would love to hear what your kids or students think of last stop on market street in the comments below!



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