superfab saves the day by jean leroy & berengere delaporte

written by jean leroy and berengere delaporte’s (2012), superfab saves the day (originally written in french) (owl kids) is a modern-day twist on the superhero story.  kids will love superfab’s energy and delaporte’s colored pencil illustrations

Great Kids' Books About Superheroes (and Supervillains!) - Planet ...

readers are introduced to superfab, who has a super-fabulous walk-in closet (like the make-you-jealous kind!). but the style points superfab gains are lost when he’s constantly late to save the day. superfab is upset but knows something needs to change. so the next time he’s called, he decides to change his costume only three times. and this ability to maintain a balance between efficiency and high fashion is what ultimately allows superfab to save the day!

a nice read-aloud book, superfab raises issues of gender and prompts discussions about how superfab disrupts traditional understandings of what a superhero looks like.

would love to hear your thoughts about superfab in the comments below! feel free to share this review on your blog or social media site.

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