Cloud Country by Noah Klocek and Bonny Becker

I have a new favorite children’s picture book!  Noah Klocek and Bonny Becker‘s (2015) Cloud Country (Disney Hyperion) is a beautiful book about the power of creativity.  It is also one of the titles in a series called Pixar Animation Studios Artist Showcase Books.

When I was not pounding my toy piano or egging on my little brother in the back seat, I devoted family road trip time to creating stories in the clouds. Sometimes I wondered if others could see what I saw. So, naturally, when I opened Cloud Country and met Gale, I was in love!

As Formation School Graduation Day approaches, Gale worries that she will not be able to please the Guardians, for try as she might, Gale is not able to make cumulonimbus or cumulus clouds like the other clouds.  But, ultimately, it is what she can make that alters the course of Gale’s future.

Instead of admonishing Gale for what she cannot do, the Guardians give her a role saved only to those who can make their own shapes: a Daydream Cloud.

Cloud Country‘s palette of blues, grays, and yellows is magnificent and complements the book’s message about the power of one’s imagination.

A wonderful read-aloud book, Cloud Country will make a wonderful holiday gift for elementary-aged readers.

Rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing









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