Book Fair Bliss

Today I went to our university’s research development school for a meeting only to find out that it had been cancelled.  I hate when this happens. (I could have saved myself a trip had I only checked my email before I left the house!) But any frustration I had was replaced quickly with an absolute rush of positive energy when I saw The Book Fair Sign.

There are few things that return me to the happiness of childhood quite like a book fair. Maybe because I remember when I would excitedly show my mom the book fair order form. Whatever it is, there is something about book fairs that makes me absolutely giddy.

I’m working on updating the syllabus for our children’s literature course, so I picked up a few middle grades reads (see covers below).  Stay tuned for reviews!



sugarthomasdoll bones.jpg

lost track of time

I would love to hear your stories of book fair bliss in the comments below!


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