Zoo Zoom by Candace Ryan

Kids who love animals and space travel will enjoy Candace Ryan‘s (2015) Zoo Zoom (Bloomsbury).


What happens when a monkey, condor, puffin, cockatoo, and other zoo animals somehow take over the controls of a rocket?  Well, they zoom off to the moon, of course!

Zoo Zoom is a playful book, full of animals, space, and energetic poetic lines.  I recommend this book for those looking for a book that introduces kids to a variety of animals (not just the traditional cow or dog) and language play.  Parents and teachers can definitely have a lot of fun reading this aloud to kids!  And Macky Pamintuan’s vibrant illustrations really contribute to the book’s energy.

The book has a good premise (and one that I think kids, including many of my friends’ kids, will enjoy) but I think the book needs something else for it to be one that kids and adults absolutely adore.

Let me know what you think of Zoo Zoom in the comments below!

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