gallery Calling All Cars by Sue Fliess

Not going to lie. My nephew will LOVE this book. A fan of driving around in his own truck, the little man will definitely relate to Sue Fliess and Sarah Beise‘s (2016, Sourcebooks) Calling All Cars. Out this March, this book is full of energy and wonderful illustrations. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the illustration of the dog driving beneath the moonlight.

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Told in rhyme, Calling All Cars introduces young children to all different types of cars: limousines, “rainbow-bug cars,” and my favorite “no more rush, cars.” It is a fun read book to read aloud to kids because of its pace and fantastically colorful images. The sound of cars honking almost comes off the page. As someone who is really into color, I was immediately drawn to the book’s color palette.

Here are some teaching ideas for Calling All Cars

(1) Although a lot of cars are seen in the book, maybe not every car is there. Kids might enjoy creating a new car design for an additional page in the book.

(2) This book can also serve as a mentor text for similar books in which student writers select an object and write a book about all the different types of that object.

(3) Kids might enjoy acting out each car’s role as an adult reads the story aloud.

Let me know what you think of Calling All Cars in the comments below!  And be sure to share this post with others who might want to read this book with their kids or students.

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“Each double-page spread offers a surplus of amusing sights: three pigs in a convertible, a kitten chauffeuring a royal pair of lions, love-struck snakes hugging and tugging their cars too close together. Beise’s digital illustrations pop with vivid colors…. [Fliess’] rhyming couplets bounce off the page.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This successful collaboration combines brisk and spirited writing with bold, effervescent pictures and will have wide appeal to young readers. Fliess’s punchy rhymes mimic the speed and energy of the cars being described, making for a lively read-aloud… Young car enthusiasts will enjoy the ride through this zippy, robust picture book.” —School Library Journal




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