Nelle Belle by Mem Fox and Illustrated by Mike Austin

Nellie Belle (2015, Beach Lane Books) written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Mike Austin is a dog book. So for those of you who want a fast-paced humorous children’s book about a dog who gives life outside the fence a try, this one’s for you.

The book starts with Nellie Belle and her stuffed bear Ted looking out of a hole in the fence. Like so many of us who wonder what life is like on the other side, Nellie Belle gives it a go. After meeting people in the street and taking a trip to the beach, Nellie Belle sees possums. This is not the type of fun Nellie Belle wants to have, so she quickly retraces her steps and ends up just where she wants to be: in bed with Ted.

I really enjoyed the book’s language and voice. There is a certain beat and energy to the book, and kids will really enjoy reading along with book’s repeated Nellie Belle lines. And the humorous lines and illustrations are sure to make kids laugh out loud. This book does not aim to break any boundaries or push the envelope, but that is fine. It is a sweet book with a sweet message: sometimes home really is where we want to be.

Tell me what you think of Nellie Belle in the comments below!

Rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thing



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