Is Mommy? Written by Victoria Change and Marla Frazee

So Victoria Chang and Marla Frazee‘s Is Mommy? (2015, Beach Lane Books) imade me smile. It was actually hard to read silently to myself. This book needs to be read aloud to a group of energetic kids who will enjoy the book’s question-and-answer format.

Like its title suggests, Is Mommy? takes readers through a series of questions about Mommy, such as ‘Is Mommy pretty or ugly?’ Sorry Mommy, but this book goes with the latter option. In fact, the answers are often the less flattering of the options provided. But fear not. The book’s redeeming quality is that the kids love Mommy regardless of her appearance, height, or any other feature.

Here are three reasons I really enjoy Is Mommy?:

(1) I enjoy books that have unique color layouts, and Is Mommy? is one of them. I love how Frazee plays around with bold primary and secondary colors. The color choices complement the book’s loudness.

(2) The book begs to be read aloud. Once they realize the pattern, kids will LOVE yelling along with this book. This book provides the perfect opportunity for kids to be fully engaged with a text.

(3) There is a heartfelt message behind the humor. Not overtly teachy, Is Mommy? does have a sweet message about loving people in our lives despite certain traits. Certainly this book can exist on just the level of humor, but there is also room for adults and kids do have deeper discussions about what it means to love unconditionally.

Let me know what you think of Is Mommy? in the comments below!

Rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing


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