Bookstore Review: The Storybook Shoppe Bluffton, SC

After a much needed vacation (my husband just defended his dissertation), we stopped in South Carolina. Nothing could have made me happier than to happen upon The Storybook Shoppe in Bluffton, South Carolina. Not to mention it was one of the final days of Children’s Book Week! The last bookstore solely for children in South Carolina, The Storybook Shoppe is a children’s book lover’s dream.

And so it becomes one of the first bookstores in a new feature I call Bookstore Review, because those of you who know and love books know that the bookstore in which they are found can be just as important as the books themselves.

Walking into The Storybook Shoppe is walking into a world only the wildest dreams of book lovers can produce. The hanging sign and quaint wood-rimmed glass doors beckon you in. The bookstore itself makes one feel as if he or she is in a children’s book. Children’s books – award-winners and not – await you in the front section. Middle grades and young adult texts are upstairs along with a children’s-sized reading table. Although the store is small, its collection is good, and the staff could not be more friendly or helpful with children’s book selections.

I purchased the following three titles to review:

New York: A Book of Colors

Look for my next bookstore review soon!  I would love to hear what your favorite bookstores are in the comments below.


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