A Dog Day by Emily Rand

This is one of my new favorites. You and your pup (my current favorites right now are English Springer Spaniels, Pugs, Goldendoodles, and teacup terriers) need to read Emily Rand‘s A Dog Day (2015, Tate Publishing). Told from the perspective of a terrier, this endearing rhyming book should definitely become a new title in your home or classroom library.

Rand tells her story from the unique perspective of a terrier who wants merely to go play in the park. His owner, on the other hand, has other ideas. Readers gain the dog’s perspective not only from his narration of the story but also from the physical nature of the book.  The book is physically unique. It is tall whereas other books are wide. The shops and people towering above him, the terrier makes all sorts of comments about all the stops he and his owner make – and all of the boring conversation his owner has with his friends en route to the park. The scale of the shops and the people helps emphasize how this sad pup feels.

I love the simple black and white color scheme. Sans distracting colors, the book’s pages illustrate not only the terrier’s coat but the way in which he sees the world. I absolutely love the pages on which the terrier is waiting outside (not so patiently) for his owner to stop his boring conversations.

The page on which the terrier is face-to-face with a child really hits home how the dog feels. I don’t think it is a coincidence that it is on the page with the stroller that the dog thinks, “I wonder if he’s also bored of grown-ups chatting, and being ignored.” It is on this page that the book becomes a bit more of just a book about a dog’s day. It becomes a book for all children who have been dragged around town with their parents doing errands with varying levels of boredom. The park becomes a metaphor for any place kids have so desperately wanted to go after a long, boring day of letting adults do their thing. And does the rhyming, absolutely bored terrier get to his beloved park? He does indeed.

I’m excited to hear what you think of A Dog Day in the comments below.

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