New York: A Book of Colors by Ashley Evanson

Before I get to today’s review, I want to wish my husband a happy, happy birthday!

Ashley Evanson’s (2015, Grosset & Dunlap) board book New York: A Book of Colors is a wonderfully colorful text.  Evanson aims not only to teach young children about reading but also about important landmarks in New York City.

If you don’t know that I LOVE New York City, you don’t know me too well. So this book practically jumped off the shelf at me when I was visiting The Storybook Shoppe about a month ago.

Here’s what I love about the book:

(1) The shape. Perfect for young and old hands alike, New York is shaped in a way that is easy to hold – for both really young readers or the adults reading the book to them. Its square shape is unique and functional.

(2) It teaches color and landmarks at the same time. So this is a color book as much as it is a New York book. Evanson makes sure to help kids understand the colors by having solid-colored left-hand pages and then multicolored pages that feature that color and a New York City landmark on the right-hand pages. Superb!  This page feature also helps the book more versatile and more able to meet kids’ needs as they continue to learn.

(3) Its artistic style. The book’s illustrations are trendy and modern. My litmus test for whether or not I love a book’s illustrations is whether or not I would put them on my wall. And I would put any of the right-side page illustrations up for sure!

If you like New York, you can check out London: A Book of Opposites, Paris: A Book of Shapes, and San Francisco: A Book of Numbers.  Let me know what you think of New York: A Book of Colors in the comments below!

Rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing


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