My Little Sister and Me by Maple Lam

I’m sharing Maple Lam‘s My Little Sister and Me (2016, Harper) with you today. This is a cute book that tells the story of an older brother who picks up his little sister from the bus stop. What follows is definitely more than a quick walk home. A medieval fight, thunderstorm, and dog chase later, they finally make it home.

As an older sibling, I totally understand the strife (and reward) the older brother goes through in My Little Sister and Me, and I think this book’s humor makes it a nice read-aloud for lower elementary school children.

I liked the book’s pace, and I think author-illustrator Lam really does a great job in painting the realities of what should have been an easy walk home. I think younger kids will be entertained by this book. I also liked the sibling bond Lam emphasizes. Even though the younger sister pretends to be brave, she also needs her big brother to protect her. And I like this message. The picture and prose offered in the book’s jacket seem suggest that the book is semi-autobiographical for Lam.

All this said, I do not know if this book pushed any new boundaries. I feel like the book’s plot was familiar. Whereas I appreciate the book’s diverse characters, I would have appreciated if the plot had been more unique.

Let me know what you think of My Little Sister and Me in the comments below!

Rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thing


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