Holiday 2016 List: Perfect Books for Younger Readers

It’s true. We’ve finally settled into the Pumpkin Spice season when all of a sudden I feel the need to compose my first holiday gift list of the season: Perfect Books for Younger Readers.  But we all know holiday shopping will be here around the corner, so I want to provide you with my top 5 books for younger readers. And here they are:

A Child of Books
They All Saw A Cat
Sidewalk Flowers
Trombone Shorty

I selected A Child of Books (for ages 4 and up) and They All Saw A Cat (for ages 3-6 years) because these books speak to the power of our imaginations. Sidewalk Flowers (ages 4-7 years) and Trombone Shorty’s (for ages 4-8) beautiful illustrations really stood out to me. And, finally, Supertruck (for ages 2-6) is about power of inner strength.

Feel free to share this list on your social media accounts! Let me know if you select these or other books for the young readers in your life!


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