Resolutions for 2017

Golly gee! I can’t believe it’s almost 2017!  My husband and I were just talking about what our resolutions for the new year are, so I thought here on katiereviewsbooks I would share some of my 2017 literacy- related resolutions with you. And be sure to let me know what your resolutions are in the comments below!  I’d love to hear from you!

(1) Finish David McCullough‘s Truman. My parents gave me this book a few years ago, and I absolutely love it – just like I love his John Adams. McCullough is such a great writer, and I wish he would take on historical texts for younger readers. But I have not made it a reading priority to finish his very long Truman. So even though I focus mainly on children’s, MG, and YA books on this blog, I have made it a goal to finish up this historical text. I think it’s good for to have diverse reading interests and to show our kids and students (however old they are) that it’s good to stretch our reading brains by reading outside our typical reading preferences.


(2) Write children’s book manuscripts. I’ve always wanted to publish a children’s book, and I’ve written a few manuscripts and received some feedback. So I want to continue on this quest to publish a children’s book. Blogging about children’s books really helps me think about how writers craft their stories, so I will be reading with even keener eyes in the new year so as to understand just what makes a fabulous children’s book. My goal is to submit two finished manuscripts to publishing houses by the end of 2017.

I always write down ideas about potential ideas I think will make great children’s stories, but I would like to be more consistent in not only the time I spend each week writing but also the place where I keep my children’s book ideas. I need to devise a consistent system to collect story ideas. I would love your ideas for this!


(3) Organize my books. I do have a bookcase in my work office and in my loft, but I need to organize my reading selections in my bedroom. I have started a ‘pile library’ that just is not working anymore. I need to sit down and organize what I have. Some books may need to be donated or sold to readers who might be more interested in the titles I have but have not opened since I purchased them. I know! I know! It’s so very hard for me to part with books, too, but I need to create a  less messy reading space! And I might find books that I actually want to read but have not seen their covers for months!  I would love to hear how you organize your books!


(4) Increase my blog’s readership. Blogging has given me great joy, and sharing book titles with you is very rewarding! I want to build my readership in terms of more followers and site viewers per day by adding rich content and previewing more reviews of advanced readers copies. I will also continue to read about best blogging practices to learn about how to share my work with more people in the new year. If you like what you see, you can always share the blog with other teachers, parents, or colleagues. Thank you for your support!


I hope each of you has a wonderful start to 2017! Please share your reading and writing resolutions in the comments below!

I’m currently reading Sherri Winston’s (2017, Little, Brown and Company) The Sweetest Sound, so please look for my review of this great middle grades book in the new year!

Happy 2017!


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