Wonderful You: An Adoption Story by Lauren McLaughlin

I could not think of a better book to be reviewing today. I sit here with a little one in my belly, and I just met a wonderful man who shared the joys of parenthood. It just so happened that he had adopted his son.

So without further ado, here’s my review of Lauren McLaughlin‘s Wonderful You: An Adoption Story (2017, Random House), which just came out last week.

Illustrated beautifully by Meilo So, this children’s picture book explores the process of adoption. The birth mother and the adoptive parents play pivotal roles in the text. McLaughlin makes it clear that all the parents want only the best for the child. I love that McLaughlin decides to start her story with the birth mother’s careful decision about who will take care of her girl.


So selects and absolutely beautiful color palette. And the book’s dreamlike and almost whimsical illustrations add to the absolute beauty of the adoption itself but also to the wonderful moments that come afterward. I always have my children’s literature students study contemporary illustrators, and Meilo So should be added to my students’ choices of illustrators.

Told from the perspective of a parent waiting eagerly for a little baby, Wonderful You is a wonderful read-aloud text for the classroom or for nightly readings. The book captures the utter essence of what it means to love a child. It actually becomes less and less an adoption story but rather a story about the love parents have for their child.

I am excited to share this one with my little one soon!

Rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing


  1. This was a beautiful review, personal and exciting. The image you have selected and your description remind me of Mark Chagall’s work. The illustrations seem to marry contemporary visual design and painting with storytelling/illustration. Very nice! Thank you for sharing this review.

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