Bear Likes Jam by Ciara Gavin

First, Happy Memorial Day! I sure am taking a few moments today to reflect on the very important reason for this holiday.

I enjoyed reading Irish author-illustrator Ciara Gavin‘s Bear Likes Jam (2017, Knopf Books for Young Readers) to my little guy.

Author of Room for Bear and Bear is Not Tired, Gavin has written and illustrated a lovely children’s picture book about the importance of eating healthy. Through her absolutely beautiful illustrations (I love, love, love the jam jars on the inside back cover of the text!), Gavin describes what I imagine is a pretty common problem with several little bears children out there: The desire for “jam” is greater than it is for veggies.

I always discuss how children’s picture books have moved away from being overly preachy and too didactic with my children’s literature students. And this book is a great one to share with them so as to show them that books can “teach” without being over-the-top. Readers still learn about the importance of eating healthy foods but in a way that is lighthearted and humorous. I mean what bear do you know is being raised by little ducks!?!

This is definitely a book I will share with my children’s literature students in the fall!  It’s a wonderful text to explore fabulous illustrations in children’s literature and to add to a text set about nutrition.

Rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing


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