Go Sleep In Your Own Bed!

Having just finished my nightly bedtime routine with my little one, I’m anxiously awaiting the opportunity to sleep in my own bed. But before that, I want to share my review of Candace Fleming‘s Go Sleep In Your Own Bed! (2017, Schwartz & Wade Books). Illustrated wonderfully by Lori Nichols, this children’s picture book is a much-needed addition to your classroom or home library.

My little guy is not even at the age where he climbs into bed with me, but I can only imagine how fun this book will be when he is.

Go Sleep In Your Own Bed! begins with a little girl reading a book. The farm at night waits outside her window. A series of hilarious scenes ensue, each revealing one animal disrupting another’s sleeping spaces. The book finally comes to an end when a cat ends up on the girl’s front porch. I won’t blow the ending for you, but the cat does not sleep on the porch!

Here’s what I love about this book.

(1) It encourages audience participation. The repetitive nature of each farm animal’s refusal to allow the other animals to sleep in his or her bed invites readers to read along, repeating the phrase “Go sleep in your own bed!” I can only imagine that my little one will be saying this phrase louder and louder as the book progresses!

(2) Its playful and complex language. Fleming plays a lot with language. Phrases such as “sniffety-drag” and “clompety-stomp” and elevated verbs (e.g., snuggled, nestled, and whiskered) add some language complexity sometimes missing in children’s picture books.

(3) Its illustrations. Nichols’s illustrations are fabulous. She plays around with sizes, which I like because it allows readers to gain different perspectives on the animals. I love the inside covers, which use a light blue and a little yellow on a dark blue background to create a beautiful farm scene. I also especially love her illustrations of the girl reading in her bed, a scene I myself was part of as a young girl. You can get more of a feel for Nichols’s work at her website.

In sum, I loved Go Sleep In Your Own Bed! and am going now to do just that!

Rating: img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing


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