Colorama by Cruschiform

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love COLORS. I am addicted to them. Our wedding was blooming with vibrant pinks, oranges, and greens. So I was really excited when I received by review copy of Colorama, a beautiful book (one that middle grades and young adult readers who are into colors will really enjoy) by French illustrator and graphic designer Cruschiform. Originally published in France, the book’s English edition was put out by Prestel in 2017.

The book is quite frankly one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen. Providing viewers with access to 133 colors, Colorama shares not only color names but also beautiful illustrations, context about the names, and a full-page color swatch. It is truly a piece of artwork in and of itself.

The details shared (like the British admiral Louis Mountbatten created Mountbatten Pink to try to evade enemy ships) are sure to be great conversation pieces at dinner parties! Some of my favorite colors shared in the book are Mauve, Sunflower, Pebble Gray, and Rising Sun. Here’s a sample of a typical page layout:

rose .jpg

I am really going to enjoy returning to this book over and over again. The aesthetics of the book are absolutely marvelous.

Colorama is stunning and is my first five star rating in a while!img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing

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