Daddies Do by Lezlie Evans and Illustrated by Elisa Ferro

I read Daddies Do (out today from Sterling) to my little guy for the second time on Sunday! Told in verse by author Lezlie Evans, this children’s picture book tells the grand things daddies do through a series of animal daddies and their children. A sweet book, Daddies Do will be a perfect Father’s Day read!

The book’s precious message about the cuddles, praise, and advice daddies give is complemented gorgeously by the book’s aesthetic features. The book’s beautiful forest green cover is an invitation to the animal world that awaits.

Elisa Ferro‘s gouache, colored pencil, and ink drawings offer a colorful palette that introduces readers to multiple daddie-child pairs (including owls and peacocks and penguins). What I especially love is how Ferro’s drawings connect one landscape to another. The ice leads into a waterfall that leads into a stream that leads into the riverbank on which a bear and his child are fishing.

A nice book for children and their daddies, Daddies Do earns four stars.img-thingimg-thingimg-thing


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