They Say Blue by Jillian Tamaki


Thank you for all the love on the blog recently! I am so pleased when my reviews are seen by a lot of people. That was my intent from the beginning: To share contemporary children’s literature with teachers (preservice and inservice) and parents.

And boy do I have a great children’s picture book to share with you today: Jillian Tamaki‘s first picture book They Say Blue (2018, Abrams Books for Young Readers).

I love painting, so Tamaki’s illustrations (created with acrylic paint on watercolor paper and Photoshop) really stood out to me. There are some absolutely gorgeous full-page spreads. I especially love the inkbot page! The way Tamaki reveals winter turning into spring is just stunning, and the way she showcases the narrator’s amazement with the diamonds that appear when one throws water in the air is absolutely beautiful.

This is a children’s picture book without a traditional plot. Rather, the book follows the narrator (a little girl) as she thinks aloud about the world around her. The narrator appreciates nature as both an insider and an outsider, imagining herself a part of the natural landscape in one moment and then examining nature’s wonder around her in another.

One cannot read this book just once and appreciate it. They Say Blue should definitely be on your reading list!

They Say Blue earns five stars! img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing




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