Whale in a Fishbowl

Troy Howell’s Whale in a Fishbowl (2018, Schwartz and Wade Books) is the perfect book for those who sometimes feel lost in the world. Who feel, as Howell so beautifully pens, that they must go “beyond the bowl.” Whatever the bowl may be.

Lovely dark teals and sands help illustrator Richard Jones complement Howell’s narrative, which tells the story of Wednesday, a whale who feels trapped in just about everything. The week. The world. Her bowl.

Until a little girl named Piper comes along, giving Wednesday the inspiration she needs to jump high enough to get to the blue where she belongs.

The book has a quiet strength to which readers of all ages will relate. This is a story about animal rights. Certainly. But not as much as it is a story about the importance of finding our own “glorious, breathtaking blue.”

A wonderfully poignant book, Whale in a Fishbowl earns five stars and should be on your shelves! img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing

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