Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast Written by Josh Funk and Illustrated by Brendan Kearney

I read Josh Funk‘s Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast: Mission Defrostable (out on September 25 from Sterling) to my little guy the other afternoon. Illustrated by Brendan Kearney, this book is just plain ridiculous! And by that I mean you will see pancakes and french toast and a waffle and asparagus talking!

Mission Defrostable Spread.jpg

The plot centers around Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast, who become trapped in the freezer. They have to rely on Baron von Waffle, who is jealous of their friendship, to save them. All of the big topics are here – revenge, friendship, redemption.

There is an energy in Funk’s language. His rhymes are catchy (the condensation one did make me smile!), and I can certainly see some younger readers being entertained by this book. But this book is just not for me.

The rhyming, probably the book’s greatest strength, drove the story too much. The book’s creative characters deserve a more original story. This was a story I felt I had read before. The story taking place in the freezer may have provided a new angle, but the chill was not innovative enough.

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast: Mission Defrostable earns two stars. img-thing img-thing

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