Business Pig by Andrea Zuill

I just read Andrea Zuill‘s Business Pig (just out September 4 from Sterling) to my little guy last week. I have to say the book grew on me, and when I closed, the book, I thought to myself Well that’s a little charmer. 

Jasper, AKA Business Pig, is unlike any of his mom Jelly Bean’s piglets. He would rather sip coffee and run the numbers than play in the mud. When he is not adopted, Jasper goes into action. He types a resume and posts it around the farm. His business plan does indeed work – as he meets a business partner who takes him in!

Business Pig is not incredible creative in its plot but rather in the characters, or animals, it portrays. Along the lines of Click, Clack, Moo, Moo: Cows That Type, it is a book that makes us understand that animals – and people, of course – do not always fit into the mold we put them in. Although I loved the idea of finding one’s “perfect fit,” I wanted less verboseness and more plot innovativeness. Business Pig is a fun book that offers a humorous take on the common story of not fitting in, but it is not one of my favorite titles.

Business Pig earns three stars. img-thingimg-thing

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