Look at Me! Wild Animal Show-Offs by Jim Arnosky

Good Sunday Morning! I’m here drinking my pumpkin spice coffee and getting ready to enjoy the beautiful fall morning by taking a walk with my husband and little guy, but, first, I want to share a new nonfiction book with you!

Jim Arnosky‘s Look at Me! Wild Animal Show-Offs (2018, Sterling) will become a quick favorite for young animal lovers!

Author/illustrator Jim Arnosky shares his wonder with animals in colored illustrations and black and white pencil drawings (LOVE each type!) in this gorgeous book, full of intriguing facts about what animals use to “show off”: colors, antlers, or skin – just to name a few. Although the facts he shares captivate adult and child readers, Arnosky’s language is appropriate for upper elementary school students.  

The book’s magic is in its ability to make us slow down, to read, but, more importantly, to see the animals. The beautiful, fancy full-page spreads that open up, revealing beautiful features (e.g., feathers and antlers), allow for readers’ close inspection. 

A book for those who already appreciate the natural world or are just starting the journey, Look at Me! Wild Animal Show-Offs earns four stars! img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing

*If you are looking for other books in the series, take a look here!

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