Henry is Kind: A Story of Mindfulness Written by Linda Ryden and Illustrated by Sherry Malone

Author Linda Ryden and illustrator Sherry Malone have added another children’s picture book to category of mindfulness titles for young children: Henry is Kind: A Story of Mindfulness (2018, Tilbury House).

I object more to the book’s delivery than its important topic. It just does not stack up well against other books about mindfulness, including one of my favorites I Am PeaceSharing the efforts of a teacher to help her students take up mindfulness, Henry is Kind takes readers through the practice of mindfulness as it presents a story about Henry, a little boy who just never realized how kind he really was.

I believe firmly in the power of mindfulness, but I would have liked the book better had it either told the story about Henry or taken readers explicitly through mindfulness practice. The book tried to do too much, and the book’s wordiness will challenge teachers who want to incorporate this title into their classrooms.

Teachers and parents will enjoy the robust resource list provided at the end of the book. Ryden’s website, which explains the curriculum she uses currently in her work, reveals there is a real Ms. Snowden!

Malone’s illustrations have a cartoon quality that kids will enjoy. The muted color scheme works perfectly with the calm the book tries to encourage.

A fine book to have on your book shelves, Henry is Kind just is not my favorite book on the topic of mindfulness. It earns three stars. img-thingimg-thingimg-thing


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