What I’m Reading

I love writing my weekly blog posts on individual books, but every now and then I also love just sharing what I’m reading with my readers. I am excited to share four books with you today! I have shared many of these titles with my children’s literature students. One of my students shared dePaola’s Quiet with me!

Happy Reading! Please be watching out for my Holiday List, which I will put out in just a few weeks! And be sure to tell me what you are reading!

1 drawn together.jpg
A beautiful story about how art unites a boy and his grandfather. My students had goosebumps when we finished this book!
1 quiet.jpg
One of my students brought in dePaola’s latest book Quiet. This is a GORGEOUSLY calming text that should be on your bookshelf!
1 windows
A beautifully illustrated book, Windows shares the beauty of looking at others’ windows and the ultimate joy of returning to our own.
1 outside.jpg
Revealing what people from all around the world see outside their windows, this book helps us think about our perspective.

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