Mother Earth’s Lullaby Written by Terry Pierce and Illustrated by Carl Heyer

I really enjoyed reading Terry Pierce‘s Mother Earth’s Lullaby to my little guy over the weekend. Illustrated by Carl Heyer, this children’s picture book shares endangered animals in fine lyrical fashion.

I loved the book’s calming tone, accomplished with Pierce’s soothing poetry. In many ways I think this is a “crossover” books of sorts. It is a story in verse full of facts, blending “scientific accuracy with storytelling magic” as its publisher Tilbury House aims to do.

I read this book just after gazing up at the nighttime stars, and I think the book’s goal of encouraging readers – young children and parents – to think about the importance of our environment is accomplished. Sharing rare animals within the text and then providing readers with more information about each animal in the back of the book allows readers to learn about the animals in different ways. I was shocked to read that there are only 100 American red wolves left – all in the state of North Carolina, where I lived for six years.

Did I read about the Toucan not being represented in the nonfiction section at the book’s end? Yes. But I do not think this is something that detracts detrimentally from the text’s central message. Perhaps students can write the entry for the Toucan after some research or create the poetry to go along with an illustration of the Red-tailed Amazon parrot.

Overall, I think this text is a beautiful text that will encourage conversations about how to protect and save the wonderful animals of our world. I look forward to sharing this with my children’s literature students.

Mother Earth’s Lullaby earns five stars. img-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thingimg-thing





  1. Thank you for the lovely review, Katie! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the book. Regarding the toucan error in the backmatter, we (the publisher, illustrator and myself) are aware of it. An unfortunate error that will be corrected in the next print run. In the meantime, readers can visit my website to read the correct information about the beautiful Ariel Toucan. Thank you, again!


    • Terry, Thank you for your comment! I LOVE the book and only noticed the backmatter because another reviewer had cited it. I think it’s a lovely book, and I hope many people will enjoy it! I enjoyed reading it to my little boy! 🙂

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