Hello Lilac, Good Morning Yellow: Colors and First Words by Judith Drews

If you’re looking for a colorful book, check out Judith Drews‘s Hello, Lilac, Good Morning (2018, Prestel). This translated book provides a one-page greeting to each color and then a one-page display of sketches of items that are commonly that color.

The narrator’s voice is upbeat and engaging, and I really enjoyed the illustration’s kid-like quality and energy. The illustrations look like they could be in a young child’s sketchbook.

Some readers might hesitate at some of the objects used. For example, a syringe is included on the white page. Other parts might be confusing to young readers: Sausage and flower are used for multiple colors, and each color also has a seemingly-random correlating number.

Overall, I like the book’s concept but do not absolutely love its delivery.

Hello Lilac, Good Morning Yellow earns three stars. img-thingimg-thingimg-thing



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