Hibernate with Me Written by Benjamin Scheuer and Jemima Williams

Benjamin Scheuer and Jemima Williams‘s new book Hibernate with Me (out from Simon & Schuster this past Tuesday) is the perfect children’s picture book to review on Valentine’s Day! ❤️

As the mama bear to a little guy (who looks so cute today in his truck and heart shirt today, by the way), I was excited to receive my review copy of Hibernate with Me. The cover is aesthetically pleasing with its purple background and charming cover art.

Hibernate with Me is a book that came from a song (see the book’s song trailer below). The little bear learns that he will always have his parent to hibernate with – both literally and figuratively. With its charming message, this book will appeal to the youngest and oldest readers.

The first time I read the book I felt that it might be stronger if it ended a stanza or two earlier. There seemed to be a bit of a push to continue to the story to finish out a rhyming couplet, and I think Scheuer sacrificed impact for song. There were times when I wanted the book to not be limited to the song’s original lyrics.

I enjoyed that the book features realistic elements that are important for children to see. For example, the little bear is shy and sometimes feels worried for no particular reason. These emotions will resonate with young readers, who sometimes need that reassurance that someone is there to support them. This book will find its way into the loving hands of parents and teachers and be enjoyed by many.

A lovely story with beautiful digital and watercolor illustrations, Hibernate with Me earns three stars. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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