Great Ports of the World Written by Mia Cassany and Illustrated by Victor Medina

My little guy was sick this past Friday. Having a sick little guy is never fun. But we did get lots of time to read. One of the books we read was Great Ports of the World. I loved this nonfiction book out from Penguin House in October 2018 from Mia Cassany (who also wrote An Atlas of Imaginary Places) and illustrated by Victor Medina text about some of the most important ports in the world.

Here are the four reasons why I like this book:

(1) It’s oversized and really fun to share with younger children who can see the pictures better. There is just something about the intriguing size of the book that stands out to me.

(2) I loved that I learned so much from the book. I learned about my favorite port: New York City. But I also learned about St. Petersburg, a port I did not know much about.

(3) I really enjoyed Medina’s illustrations! They are engaging and detailed!

(4) It presents nonfiction text in an engaging way. The amount of information shared is palatable. Older children and adults will learn from the details immediately, and younger children will analyze the pictures first and then be able to grow into the book as they become stronger readers.

A fun, engaging book, Great Ports of the World earns four stars.

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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