Frida Catlo

Written by Courtney Acampora and Maggie Fischer and illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott, Frida Catlo (out this past January from Silver Dolphin Books) is “meowy silly.” I just had to do that!

In this “animalistic introduction to one of history’s greatest figures,” Acampora and Fischer tell artist Frida Kahlo’s story.

Frida Catlo is a wonderfully colorful board book, and I think its color palette alone will attract readers, who may not be familiar with Frida Kahlo.

I’m not so sure, however, if the book’s language gives the artist her due. There is just something about turning an artist into a cat that sat with me the wrong way. I thought it minimized Kahlo’s impact. I would have been fine with leaving the cat images within the text but composing the narrative without so much “clawthing” and “paw-traits.”

A wonderful introduction to Frida Kahlo for younger readers, Frida Catlo earns three stars.  ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

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