Some Days Written by Karen Kaufman Orloft and Illustrated by Ziyue Chen

We all have those days. The ups and downs really make life what it is. And I love the way Karen Kaufman Orloft and Ziyue Chen help young children think about their feelings in a fun, relatable way in their new children’s picture bookSome Days (released March 5 from Sterling).

This book will fit in nicely into parents’ and teachers’ read aloud times and will complement any social and emotional health curriculum component.

The repetition of the word days and the short lines add to the book’s pace and enhance its “readaloudability.” Orloft conveys a range of emotions and feelings younger children (and all of us really) feel in relatable, developmentally-appropriate language. For example, she writes, “Some days are chocolate pudding pie days” and “[Some days are] Kicking up a stone days.” Kids will really enjoy the images she paints!

Chen’s digital illustrations are a gem! My little guy went through the book several times after we finished the book to admire them! They are lively and colorful and convey well the emotions and feelings Orloft’s words describe. There is a certain energy to the illustrations! ? Many different children will see themselves represented in this book.

Here are a few teaching ideas to go along with Some Days:

  1. Ask students to complete the sentence starter “Some days are …..” over the course of a week in order to trace their emotions and feelings over time.
  2. Invite students to name the emotions behind Orloft’s creative language and then talk about whether Orloft or the formal term conveys best what one feels.
  3. Have students use Some Days as a mentor text to create a book of emotions and feelings for a character in their independent reading book.

My little guy and I had some good snuggle/reading time last week, and we enjoyed this book very much! Some Days earns five stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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