⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ You Are Your Strong Written by Danielle Dufayet and Illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin

There are some days and weeks and months and years when we all need to pull on that extraordinary strength that is within. And, honestly, I’ve had the type of year in which I have needed to draw on a little extra strength. What about you?

When I found You Are Your Strong (American Psychological Association, 2019) , I was immediately attracted by the beautiful metallic cover. But as I continued to read Danielle Dufayet and Jennifer Zivoin‘s children’s picture book, I fell in love even more!

In this beautifully illustrated children’s picture book, a series of different children experience an array of feelings, only to be comforted by their moms, dad, and grandparents. But then, the narrator shares beautifully: “But sometimes you have to find your Strong all by yourself.” The book’s final pages include several vignettes of children finding their strength to overcome their feelings.

The book’s end matter contains a Note to Parents and Caregivers that provides advice, including validating children’s emotions and when to seek support.

An important read aloud text for bedtime snuggles or story time, You Are Your Strong can also be used during small group or individual counseling sessions. It lends itself organically to having students share orally or write their own stories about their feelings and about how they can rely on their inner strength.

I also think this is a wonderful book for a freshly-minted graduate who is about to tackle the world on his or her own! I can also see this being a shower gift item or a birthday gift for a special friend.

A great book for helping children (and adults!) understand that they hold the strength they need, You Are Your Strong earns four stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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