⭐️ ⭐️ Puppy Truck by Brian Pinkney

Happy Friday Y’all!!!

My little guy LOVES trucks and puppies, so I’m excited to chat about Brian Pinkney‘s Puppy Truck (2019, Atheneum Books for Young Readers) today!

Carter is a little boy who wants a puppy. But he receives a truck instead. So he takes his puppy to the park – leash and all. He experiences what many puppy owners experience – like having to find a lost puppy, having to bathe a puppy, and having to feed a puppy – with a few nuts and bolts instead of puppy chow thrown in!

Pinkney’s acrylic and ink illustrations are the greatest part of this book! The illustrations of Carter and his truck-imagined-puppy have a childlike quality that I know will energize and inspire readers!

Where this book fell a bit short for me was its plot. Intrigued by Carter’s ingenuity to imagine the truck he did not want as the puppy he did, I did not feel the story carried through. The beginning was amazing – reminding me of how much I enjoyed imaginative play and love to see my little guy imagining shapes in his lunch meat or seeing fish outside our window. The scenes at the park are well done.

But the final parts where Carter is back at home with the truck left me underwhelmed. The writing style changed, adhering to a more traditional narrative style that seemed to be at odds with the sparse words in the story’s beginning and more imaginative part.

There is a part of me that wishes Puppy Truck would have been composed as a wordless picture book – maintaining just a few of the truck’s sound effects.

Puppy Truck earns two stars. It is cute, but it’s just not a book I would call fabulous. ⭐️ ⭐️

Read more about Brian Pinkney and his wife’s creative process here.

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