Sprinkles Written by Kate Stempel and Illustrated by Kurt Hershey

Happy Halloween everyone!

I have a sweet book to share with you today: Kate Stempel‘s debut children’s picture book Sprinkles (FriesenPress, September 2019).

Cupcake lovers will adore little Sky, who loves to experiment with her “famous mini cupcakes”: ‘May the 4th by Yum,’ ‘Icy-Tarts,’ and ‘More S’mores.’ When she tries to sell her cupcakes to Mr. Conway, he absolutely refuses – until the two meet again, bonding over their bonsai trees.

Although sweet, the story seems too familiar. I also think the story would have been stronger had either cupcakes or bonsai been the focus. I worried a little about the word count for read-alouds. And Kurt Hershey’s illustrations, more suited for a graphic novel, did not complement the narrative.

A sweet, sweet story that just did not take the cake for me, Sprinkles earns three stars.

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