About Katie

Hello! I’m Katie and I LOVE children’s, middle grades, and YA literature! I fell in love with young adult literature (and my future husband!) when I was at William & Mary learning to become a secondary English teacher. Fourteen years, three teaching jobs, one baby boy, and two faculty positions later, I am happily an assistant professor of literacy at a small college in Pennsylvania.

I started this blog to introduce teachers, soon-to-be teachers, and parents to current books they could share with readers. And sometimes I can’t help but share teaching ideas that connect with the books I share.

I’ve also started to broaden my blog topics so that I can share ideas from my perspective as a literacy advocate. You can read my first post in this series here

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  1. Katie! Was glad to find your site. I was wondering how I might submit a book for your review? I see that you reviewed Sunny Side Up by Jenni Holm. She had posted a nice review about our book that you can see on her blog page. I was wondering if you would consider reviewing our book that was just released in print? Thanks for considering it, you can e-mail me at rcruz [at] puppyducks [dot] com – Regards,

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  2. Hey! Sorry I didn’t get this out sooner. Had been dealing with my son who had strep throat. Sending this out in a few! Thanks ever so much! How you doing? Talk soon hopefully!



      1. Many thanks for this! And thank you for posting the critique in a positive way. Adding more of a plot was something we went back n forth on. Because the book was originally written on the spot in the classroom for David (as I noted in all the documentation – sorry don’t mean to be redundant) and wanted the value of how it helped David to remain unchanged.
        But will strongly consider this when editing the next one.
        Oh may I ask a favor? The picture posted for the cover is the old original cover to the 1st ebook version n this version has changed many times. Can you update it with the new cover? Let me know if you need me to send you the file. Thanks ever so much!

        Btw love your writing style!


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