About Katie

Katie BlogWelcome to my blog!  My name is Katie, and I am so excited you found me here.  I am one of those people (like many of you I’m sure) who read by flashlight under the covers when I was a little girl – now only to have glasses (well, contacts in this picture) to prove it!

As a literacy professor at a small liberal arts college, I love sharing children’s, middle grades, and YA titles with my students. I started this blog as a way to share new book titles with my students, especially my children’s literature students. I hope parents and teachers can find titles to share with their children and students!

In addition to being a voracious reader, I have taken up photography lately (trying to figure out all of the settings to my Nikon is like a full-time job!) and have recently figured out that cooking can be a creative process (especially the way I do it).  I look forward to sharing books with you!

I’d also love you to stop by my freelance page to see what freelance pieces I’ve currently had published.




  1. Katie! Was glad to find your site. I was wondering how I might submit a book for your review? I see that you reviewed Sunny Side Up by Jenni Holm. She had posted a nice review about our book that you can see on her blog page. I was wondering if you would consider reviewing our book that was just released in print? Thanks for considering it, you can e-mail me at rcruz [at] puppyducks [dot] com – Regards,

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  2. Hey! Sorry I didn’t get this out sooner. Had been dealing with my son who had strep throat. Sending this out in a few! Thanks ever so much! How you doing? Talk soon hopefully!



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