Ally-Saurus & the Very Bossy Monster by Richard Torrey

I just read Richard Torrey‘s Ally-Saurus and the Very Bossy Monster (Sterling, 2017) to my little guy for the second time. It’s a really fun read-aloud, and I look forward to sharing this title with my children’s literature students this semester.

I spoke with my students about how books can convey important information or life lessons without being too didactic, and I think this book does just that.

A book for kiddos who might need to learn to stand up for themselves or intervene when a peer is being bullied or for kiddos who might be a little bit like Ally’s new neighbor Maddie, who is a wee bit bossy, Ally-Saurus and the Very Bossy Monster helps young children understand how important it is to play with other kids on their terms.

On the surface, this might be a book about resisting bossy people, but a subtext about what challenges present themselves for children new to a community is also present. Asking students to imagine Maddie’s situation could generate meaningful discussion.

I really enjoyed this book from an artistic perspective. I LOVE how Torrey sprinkles in color against his black-and-white drawings, with many of the characters’ most imaginative aspects accentuated with color.

A fun, energetic read-aloud with a laudable message, Ally-Saurus and the Very Bossy Monster earns 4 stars.





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